Advantages and Disadvantages of LCD's

The LDC monitors or screens have the following advantages and disadvantages:
An LCD screen TV
1. LCD monitors display static images from computer sources extremely well with full color detail and no screen burn-in.
2. The number of pixels per square inch on an LCD display is typically higher than other display technologies.
3. LCD monitors are good at displaying large amount of data e.g. on an Excel spreadsheet with exceptional clarity and precision.

4. They are available in many more sizes.
5. They are not affected by increase or decrease in air pressure hence used in airplanes.
6. LCD technology is not prone to screen burn-in or ghosting.
7. LCD televisions require substantially less power to operate than plasma.
8. LCD monitors are generally better for public display such as airport signage and retail store signage due to the bright room light environment.

1.     They suffer from a motion blur effect, where the individual pixels are just slightly out of step with the image on the screen.
2.     The high refresh rate of LCD televisions can have some undesirable effects on the picture.
3.     With LCD technology, as the back light ages, it can change colors slightly.


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